Amol Sarva on Today's FCC Spectrum Decision

Amol Sarva, a New York-based wireless entrepreneur and CEO of a new company called Txtbl, argues in BusinessWeek that true open access in the wireless world unleash rampant entrepreneurial activity.  Alas, Sarva continues, the devil is in the details, and thanks to fierce lobbying by AT&T and Verizon, the FCC might blow it.

Crunch Time For Wireless Innovation

The FCC has a chance to unleash the entrepreneurial creativity consumers deserve and the U.S. needs to compete globally.  Here’s how not to blow it.

A decision expected from the Federal Communications Commission on July 31 could affect the lives of millions, particularly those of us who use the Internet and mobile phones—and it’s important that the public be up to speed.

The decision centres on how the FCC will sell licenses to use the public airwaves for wireless phones and Internet access. The outcome will determine whether the U.S. creates a competitive market that spurs innovation, bridges the digital divide, and catches us up with the rest of the world in broadband access, or continues with business as usual—handing sweetheart deals to politically connected mega-corporations…

Full op-ed at BusinessWeek.

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