Amir Khan flipped out and threw a glass of water over his opponent when he brought up his split from his wife

Getty ImagesAmir Khan lost his temper at a press conference on Tuesday.
  • Welterweight boxer Phil LoGreco taunted Amir Khan at a press conference in England on Tuesday.
  • LoGreco brought up Khan’s personal life, the brief split from his wife, and an internet feud with Anthony Joshua.
  • Khan lunged at LeGreco but, in a bizarre twist, fighters dressed as Batman and Superman restored calm to an otherwise chaotic media event.

Fighters dressed as Batman and Superman were on guard to break up a press conference altercation in England on Tuesday.

Tempers flared when Phil LoGreco brought up Amir Khan’s personal life, the brief split from his wife, and her rumoured affair with Anthony Joshua. World heavyweight champion Joshua denied the affair last year.

LoGreco said: “After the Canelo loss, you went on a losing streak. Family, wife, then… woah, woah, woah. Guys this is not Pakistan versus India, it’s not a cricket match.

“Then, you go out and tweet the heavyweight champion of the world. What is wrong with you, mate? You tweet that he can have your leftovers?” [That’s a reference to this tweet.]

Khan instantly reacted to LoGreco’s slight. The former light welterweight world champion boxer got up from his seat, threw water over LoGreco, and then lunged at his opponent.

You can watch Khan react here:

Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn did his best to separate the squabbling fighters.

But the ruckus appears to have been calmed by the presence of two other fighters who just so happened to be dressed as superheroes.

Here are some photographs of Tommy Coyle (as Superman) and Sean Masher (as Batman):

Tommy Coyle dressed as SupermanGetty Images
Batman and SupermanGetty Images

Coyle fights Masher on the same evening as Khan and LeGreco on April 21 at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England.

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