ABC (DIS) and NBC (GE) Raising Online Rates to $30 CPM

You can’t buy an ad in “Heroes” or “Desperate Housewives” at this point in the season, but TV Week reports there are plenty of ad spots available for the online streaming version of both shows.

As we’ve noted, high demand and declining ratings have created a tight TV “scatter market”–where advertisers try to buy TV ad time on a last-minute basis after the beginning of the TV season. But that’s not the case online, where viewership for streamed episodes on ABC and NBC has reportedly exceeded guarantees made in the Upfront last May. Whether this is the result of the networks setting a low hurdle or actual unexpected popularity remains to be seen, but in any case the networks have more inventory to sell than they expected. Both ABC and NBC told TV Week they plan to re-open for business based on the higher metrics.
And while this smells a bit of network spin, TV Week says the tight TV market has contributed to higher online rates–higher even than TV rates. The networks say they’re getting $30 per thousand viewers of online streaming video, compared to the TV average of $25 per thousand.

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