AmeriGas Employees Allegedly Cussed Out Customers In A Complaints Forum


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Propane giant AmeriGas recently sued online complaints forum Pissed Consumer for trademark infringement.Gas company executives were presumably upset with how high the complaints page ranks when you search for their brand name.

Unfortunately for them, Pissed Consumer took the opportunity to make AmeriGas look even worse. In court documents, the consumer forum claimed that users with AmeriGas IP addresses logged onto Pissed Consumer and responded to complaints with “comments that mock, belittle and abuse.”

Some of these comments allegedly made by AmeriGas employees are pretty obnoxious:


“u r stupid”


“You people need to take responsibility for your [own] actions or lack of

action. Pay your bill! Stop being an idiot! JAR1953, you may be the

biggest idiot of all!”


“Actually they still do bill their customers who pay on time. Deadbeat

customer[s] have to pay prior to getting a delivery. Can’t blame amerigas

for your bad credit rating.”


“It amazing. Every complaint I read on this site about Amerigas has to do

with an idiot running out of gas and then they are pissed that Amerigas

wont just drop everything, screw all their other customers that called when

they were supposed to and rush a delivery out to them at 3:00AM without

any additional charges applied. Are you idiots brain dead? . . . I have a real

simple solution, get your lazy arse of[f] of your couch and check your tank

regularly and quit looking for handouts!! They are trying to run a business

and it is amazing they can successfully do it with morons like you!”


“Are you for real, Amerigas charges you for propane once no matter how

much you use. Are you really that dumb that you think they are charging

you twice for your propane[?] By the way, I have a bridge for sale if you

are interested regardless of how much you have used up out of it.”


“Do you expect ANYONE to believe you or that you missed just one

payment or is it more realistic that you are a fucking deadbeat that with

way too much free time on your hands? Get a job and pay your bills and

you don’t have to worry about the price they are charging you. As for you

Competition, you were in the meeting when they discussed underfilling

tanks intentionally? you and this moron from Cape Cod should move in

together and share whoa is me stories. It is obvious that you do not have a

job since you are here at all hours of the night. See the times he is posting

everyone. Someone with a job is not up at 1:53AM or 12:15AM. Maybe if

you had a job you would be less bitter about decent people trying to make

a living.”


“Instead of wasting your time on here bitching about their prices go out

and find another company. It’s pretty simple.”

(viii) “Propane expands! If you fill it to the max the thing is going to explode!



“Whoa is me, quit [whining] about the free handouts you are not

getting!!!!! Amerigas is not a charity they are a for profit company but I

know, they should give you propane for free [because] you had a heart

attack or you have 8 kids. give me a break, take responsibility for your

own actions for once in your life!!”


“Yea get rid of them now, you see all 100 pissed customers on this

website in the last 5 years. I mean come on they only have what, 1.3

million customers and for 100 to complain. That is[almost] .0000001% of

their entire customer base. or maybe it is just you idiots with nothing

better to do but bitch and complain that AmeriGas wouldn’t just drop

everything when you say so and come out and service your tank, screw the

other 1,299,998 [customers] they have because you too are obviously

more important than everyone else. Maybe if you had a job you would

spend more time earning a living instead of expecting everything to be

handed to you!!!!!”


“To all the morons posting on this page, Amerigas did not let you run out

of gas, your own cheap lazy a$$es [sic] selves did. Because you are too

lazy to check your tank [regularly] to see it was low or to broke to have

the money to order when you should have you let it get down to fumes

then expect Amerigas to drop everything for you! They tell you to order

with plenty left in your tank, especially in the winter when they are in the

middle of their busiest season, but you do not listen! Then you run out and

blame them. They do have a forecast plan where they come out and fill

your tank according to your usage and those customer NEVER run out of

gas but that would require you deadbeats to have money available for

heating your homes all the time but you obviously can’t manage your

finances well enough to do this so you go without heat. Now really, who’s

fault is it that your tank runs out, the company that is in business to sell

propane or the idiots who forget to call? Get a life and stop blaming others

for your stupidity!”


“Really a-hole? with everything going on in the world, Earthquakes,

Tsunami’s, War, famine, Etc. your stupid a$$ is worried about only getting

your propane tank filled to 65% instead of 80%. Maybe you should spend

your spare time brushing up on your grammar or your english instead of

subjecting the rest of the world to your self-centered, idiotic comments!”

(xiii) “Like you would honestly get anywhere by taking them to court. They

make billions. What lawyer could you possibly get that could match

theirs? And if it their asset, they can step onto your property anytime they

want to. Idiot.”

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