America's 12 Scariest Real-Life Haunted Houses

Akron Ohio the childhood bedroom of one of the most notorious serial killers in American history, Robert Berdella also known as the Butcher of Kansas CitySeph LawlessThis is the childhood bedroom of a notorious Kansas City serial killer.

Forget about those hokey attractions at amusement parks. There are real haunted houses spread across America.

We’re talking about the true-blue, creepy-as-can-be haunted houses.

The houses where local residents claim they hear voices and where serial killers dumped their victims. The places that carry legends of entire families vanishing into thin air and serve as a backdrop for murders and suicides.

Photographer Seph Lawless braved these stories and dilapidated buildings for his new photo book “13: An American Horror Story” to show us just how creepy these places really are.

Benjamin Albright accidentally shot and killed his son in 1958 in this house in Youngstown, Ohio. He was so wracked with guilt after the incident that he then killed himself and his wife soon after. The home, called the The Nova House, has stood abandoned ever since with some of Albright's original belongings still inside.

The local sheriff, Donald Caters, shot himself in 1968 after his Buffalo, New York home went into foreclosure. The vacant house has been rumoured to now be haunted. Locals claim they hear voices coming from it regularly.

A former Texas bed and breakfast called the Hooley Mansion was turned into a haunted house after it became the site of a few unexplained deaths in the 1970s.

It is frequently suspected that this Ohio house is where local witches practice their craft. The original owner, known as the Milan Witch, is rumoured to be buried underneath the front porch.

The Haught Mansion in Brush Park, Michigan was an upscale brothel in its heyday in the 1940s. Years after it closed, a number of dead bodies were found in the basement marked with perfectly round circles on their torsos and chests.

Detroit has no shortage of ghost stories, especially on Temple Street. This dilapidated Victorian mansion was supposedly where three priests were murdered in 1942. Neighbours claimed they could even hear the ghosts from across the street. The home was recently demolished to make way for new developments.

This is the childhood bedroom of serial killer Robert Berdella (aka the Kansas City Butcher). Berdella spoke of his rough childhood and sexual abuse to his prison psychiatrist, which he says triggered his desire to kill male prostitutes in Kansas City.

This abandoned East Cleveland, Ohio house where serial Anthony Sowell grew up has been demolished. Before its destruction, however, nearby residents refused to walk on the sidewalk in front of the home because they said ghastly noises emanated from its creepy exterior.

This haunted house, called the Baily Mansion, was the inspiration for the TV series 'American Horror Story.' Its actual location is Hartford, Connecticut.

The Oliver Family Mansion is especially creepy -- the entire Oliver clan completely disappeared in 1898, and no one has ever found out where they went or what happened to them. Local residents swear they still see the family in the windows of the Chester, Pennsylvania mansion.

This Kentucky home was the site of a gruesome husband and wife double suicide. According to local legend, their four small children lived on and sustained themselves for more than a decade after their parents' death inside the house.

This creepy Philadelphia mansion is full of doll parts and neatly organised metal tools. All it needs is the matching serial killer.

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