America's Nerdiest Spend The Weekend Outside, Bring Their Laptops


“Social Web Foo Camp,” a celebration of geekiness held at the O’Reilly headquarters in Sebastopol, Calif. is going on this weekend.

That means that the 150 or so nerdiest people we can imagine are camping on a corporate lawn, discussing stuff like “social networking, the social graph, and technologies for data portability.” Attendees include New York Tech Meetup head Nate Westheimer, Facebook rising star Dave Morin, AOL’s Edwin Aoki, and ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall Kirkpatrick.

The good news: Even when geeks go camping, they bring their laptops and mobile phones. You can pretend you’re there by reading this live Twitter stream, which we’ve embedded. (Might take a few seconds to load.)

Photo: Kellan Elliott-McCrea via Flickr

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