Take A Tour Of The New Most Expensive Zip Code In America

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A new zip code jumped to the top of Forbes‘ newest list of the most expensive zip codes in America: 10065.The zip code covers part of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, from 60th to 69th Streets, and from Central Park to the East River. It saw a 384.9 per cent median price change from last year in asking prices of homes currently on the market, on which Forbes’ list is based.

In fact, three Upper East Side zip codes made it into the top 15 of the list, but the 10065 reigned supreme. The current median asking price for a home in the area is $6.53 million.

This morning we ventured uptown to see what all the fuss was about. We found some pricey real estate listings, celebrity homes, and of course the luxury stores where all of those rich residents shop.

Welcome to the Upper East Side. We started our tour by taking the M15 bus uptown, and got off at 57th Street And First Ave. Shown here is Bridge Tower Place, where a condo is selling for an average of $1,471 per square foot, according to StreetEasy.

On the outskirts of the 10065 zip code is the Roosevelt Island tram service. You can hop on at 60th Street, but it will take you outside the bounds of the country's wealthiest zip code.

On Second Avenue, we found these busy Upper East Siders hurrying to work.

We strolled down 61st Street to check out the residential part of the neighbourhood.

The 10065 is in the 19th Precinct of Manhattan. There have been just 36 crime complaints in the zip code in 2012, and no murders, according to the NYPD's website.

Source: NYC.gov

There are currently 80 units on the market in the area. The average home stays on the market for 449 days, according to Forbes.

Source: Forbes

We love this sweeping outdoor staircase on E. 61st street. The street is tree-lined and very residential.

The Savoy, a highrise luxury building on 61st Street and Third Ave., currently has 13 active listings. A condo inside this building sells for an average of $1,688 per square foot.

Source: Street Easy

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse's E. 61st Street is currently on sale for $13.5 million. The home has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and two-half baths. But we didn't smell any home cooking when we walked by.

Source: Curbed

Lagasse's residence has been price-chopped from the original $15 million asking price.

We just had to snap a picture of this picturesque residence next door.

It's always important to look up in Manhattan. The architecture on the Upper East Side doesn't always get a lot of appreciation, but it's still beautiful.

David Burke Townhouse is a famed New York City restaurant on 61st Street and Lexington. Zagat gave the restaurant 25 of 30 points.

Many of the townhouses are partially occupied by doctor's offices. We passed a plastic surgeon's office that with a discreet sign.

The rich flock to Madison Avenue to purchase designer duds. Barneys New York is in the 10065.

Across the street from Barneys is a Cole Haan and Michael Kors.

There were plenty of diamonds in the windows on Madison Avenue.

At the end of E. 61st Street is the glitzy Pierre Hotel. It's just steps away from Central Park and was designated a landmark in 1981.

The Pierre has 140 rooms and 49 suites.

Source: Taj Hotels

After checking out the hotel, we strolled along Fifth Avenue and Central Park. We found an Upper East Sider taking a rest and playing on her phone.

810 Fifth Avenue is right across the street from Central Park. If you're in the market, a $27.5 million 12th floor apartment and a $21.5 million 11th floor apartment are currently available.

The Central Park Zoo is technically in the 10021, the eighth most expensive zip code in America. But for 10065 residents, it's just a stone's throw away.

834 Fifth Avenue is home to a few high-profile figures, including Rupert Murdoch and Oak Hill Capital founder Robert Bass, who paid $42 million for his apartment.

Over on Park Avenue we found some more Upper East Siders enjoying the fall weather.

In the middle of the two-way avenue there are gardens and an ever-rotating array of sculptures.

Most of the men walking around the area were in finely tailored suits, such as this man.

It was the perfect fall day on Park Avenue.

We stopped and smelled the flowers.

Then we checked out 640 Park Ave., another noteworthy address in the area. The building has a five-bedroom apartment on sale for $26 million, and the past three sales in the building have been for an average of $3,830 per square foot.

Source: Street Easy

There's a Statue of Liberty replica in front of one of the office buildings. Just a moment before, a group of tourists stopped and posed with it.

People ride in style on the Upper East Side.

The Leonori on E. 63rd Street is home to Samuel L. Jackson and John Mack, former CEO & Chairman of the Board at Morgan Stanley. A condo in The Leonori is listed at an average of $1,495 per square foot.

Source: StreetEasy.com

We passed a few notably beautiful churches when we circled back to Park Avenue.

This woman has classic Upper East Side style.

While walking down Park Avenue, we found this secret garden that was gated in.

Daniel, on E. 65th Street, is run by chef Daniel Boulud. The restaurant has been on the Upper East Side for 20 years and ranks fourth on Zagat's best restaurants of the year list.

A meal at Daniel will cost you an average of $146.

We saw lots of well-dressed Upper East Siders on the streets.

The Italian Consulate is located in the 10065. The building flew the Italian flag outside, and had a gorgeous crest above the door.

The Upper East Side location of Alice's Tea Cup on E. 64th Street was rated one of the best places to take kids by Time Out New York.

Source: Alice's Tea Cup

At a bustling diner on Lexington Ave., locals had a late breakfast. Not every meal can be at Daniel, after all.

If you're a New Yorker, you might recognise this restaurant from it's taxi cab ads. Park Avenue Autumn changes menus and decor four times a year. It's located at 100 E. 63rd St.

We saw a ton of small dogs wandering the neighbourhood with their well-dressed owners.

How much is that puppy in the window? Probably a lot, because this puppy boutique was on Lexington Avenue, in the most expensive zip code in the country.

Tour the No. 2 most expensive zip code in the country.

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