The 10 US Cities With The Most Attractive People

dianna agronActress Dianna Agron hails from one of the nation’s best looking cities.

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Miami is known for its hot nights, sexy beaches, and steamy nightclubs — and now it’s also known for having the most attractive people in the U.S.Travel + Leisure recently released its list of the most and least attractive people in America as part of its annual survey of America’s favourite Cities.

The magazine’s readers voted and determined the 36 U.S. cities with the most attractive people. Most of the top cities are large metropolitan areas where residents prize fashion and culture, and many of the cities have great beaches. Miami took the number one spot with San Diego trailing right behind. 

10. The Twin Cities — Minneapolis and St. Paul — have active and intelligent residents who love to spend time outdoors, despite the cold weather.

9. Honolulu, Hawaii, has gorgeous beaches, fresh seafood, and a diverse mix of residents who relish the outdoors.

8. Savannah, Georgia, has a rich history (it was a key port during the Revolutionary War), stunning beaches, and warm, hospitable residents.

6. Nashville is known for its thriving country music scene and its hopping bars and clubs. The city also has incredible barbecue food and is home to Vanderbilt University. Country music stars like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift have homes in Nashville.

5. Los Angeles made the number five spot thanks to all of the attractive celebrities who call the city home. The City of Angels also has good weather, laid-back residents who care about health and wellness, and hot restaurants and nightclubs.

4. Charleston's historic architecture, great restaurants, and quaint shops make it one of the most charming cities in the U.S. The fact that the weather is great year-round means that residents spend lots of time outdoors.

Source: Travel + Leisure

2. San Diego is known for its surfer-friendly beaches, its great Tex-Mex food, and a surprisingly fantastic theatre scene. Several celebrities, including Nick Cannon, Cameron Diaz and Tony Hawk, were born or raised in San Diego.

Source: Travel + Leisure

1. The legendary party and beach culture of Miami helped catapult it to the top of this year's rankings. The city is home to hot celebrities like Dwayne Wade, Gloria Estefan, and Shakira.

You've seen the hottest cities in America, but what about small towns?

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