The 'Greenest' Colleges In The US

Offering more than 600 sustainability-related classes and harvesting much of its dining hall’s food on-campus,
the University of Connecticut is America’s “most green” college, according to Sierra magazine.

Sierra released its annual ranking of colleges working toward sustainability and environmental responsibility today, featuring schools of various sizes across the country.

According to a press release, the magazine “examined the academic institutions making a difference for the planet, seeking out campuses that are creating tangible change in all categories of greenness — from what’s served in dining halls to what’s taught in lecture halls to what’s powering the dorms.”

This is Sierra’s seventh annual “Coolest Colleges” list. UConn first entered the list in 2010 at number 49.

#6 Green Mountain College

One of the first colleges to achieve climate neutrality by reducing its carbon footprint and investing in local carbon offsets, Green Mountain is now trying to operate on 100% renewable energy by 2020.

All students must take core classes in the school's Environmental Liberal Arts program where they learn to analyse the environment through social, cultural, economic, and natural lenses.

#5 Cornell University

Last year Cornell launched a Climate Change Minor, one of the few in the country, that offered a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the physical and social aspects of the phenomenon.

Cornell's Campus Sustainability Office goals include a campus culture of sustainable behaviour and developing a green and compact campus.

#1 University of Connecticut

Sierra magazine's number one Green school, UConn was honored for offering more than 600 sustainability-related classes and for having reduced its water use by 15% over the past eight years.

UConn has retrofitted 13 buildings over the past two years, preventing 2,640 annual tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

More than a quarter of the food served in UConn dining halls is processed within 100 miles of Storrs, Connecticut, and many ingredients are harvested on campus.

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