16 heirs to some of America's best-known brands who are poised to inherit millions

  • There aren’t any royals with fortunes to envy in America, but there are many heirs and heiresses set to inherit millions from American brands.
  • These fortunes have been built across a variety of industries, from media to fashion; some are relatively new, while others could be considered “old money.”
  • From Travis Knight of Nike to Ann Walton Kroenke of Walmart, take a look at some of America’s most notable heirs and heiresses.

America may not have royalty, but it does have plenty of heirs and heiresses set to inherit the thrones – or at least the riches – of the country’s biggest brands.

Some of the wealthiest families in America have built their fortunes by creating megabrands in various industries, from media to fashion. As their wealth grows, it continues to be passed on to future generations, although some fortunes are newer than others. Alexa Dell is set to inherit part of her father, CEO of Dell Technologies Michael Dell’s, fortune, a result of a company that’s only been around for roughly 30 years.

Other heirs and heiresses are in line for wealth that dates way back up the family tree, like Lydia Hearst, who shares an inheritance with more than 60 family members from media mogul William Randolph Hearst.

Below, meet 16 heirs and heiresses to some of America’s most notable brands – some names you may recognise, and others not so much.

Lydia Hearst

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Heir to: Hearst

Granddaughter of media mogul William Randolph Hearst, Lydia Hearst, 33, shares the Hearst fortune among 67 family members. The heiress is an actress, model, writer, and socialite and has an estimated net worth of $US100 million.

Georgina Bloomberg

Heir to: Bloomberg

Georgina Bloomberg is an heiress to the $US52 billion Bloomberg fortune. Her father, Michael Bloomberg, is the former New York City mayor and media mogul. The 35-year-old is an elite equestrian, novelist, and animal rights activist and has pursued numerous careers.

Travis Knight

Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

Heir to: Nike

An accomplished filmmaker and animator, Travis Knight, 45, is the son of Nike founder Phil Knight. According to Portland Business Journal, he was put in charge of a trust that controls 38 million shares of Nike stock. There’s no word on how much he stands to inherit, but Nike is the most valuable fashion brand in America, valued at $US28 billion.

Ann Walton Kroenke

Heir to: Walmart

Ann Walton Kroeneke, daughter of Walmart co-founder Bud Walton, inherited half of her father’s stake when he died in 1995. Her sister, Nancy, inherited the other half. The 69-year-old currently has a net worth of $US6.6 billion and her husband, Stan Kroenke, is a real estate billionaire.

Lynsi Snyder

Heir to: In-N-Out

On her 35th birthday in 2017, Lynsi Snyder inherited the remaining 50% of In-N-Out’s shares, making her one of the youngest female billionaires in the US with a net worth of $US2.9 billion. She had already inherited the first half on her 30th birthday. Her grandparents had opened the burger chain, valued at $US1.1 billion in 2013, in 1948.

Victoria B. Mars

Matt Sullivan/GettyMars (left) with NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and his wife and child.

Heir to: Mars Inc.

Along with her three sisters, Victoria B. Mars, 53, is heir to Mars Inc., the brand behind your favourite candy like M&Ms, Milky Way, and Skittles. She has an estimated 8% stake in the company and was previously chair of the board of directors. She remains a board member today with an estimated net worth of $US6.1 billion.

Dylan Lauren

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Heir to: Ralph Lauren

Dylan Lauren, 44, is the daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren, but she doesn’t really need to inherit her father’s fortune – she’s also a successful entrepreneur who established the well-known Dylan’s Candy Bar. She has an estimated net worth of $US50 million, and Polo Ralph Lauren is currently worth $US4 billion.

Aerin and Jane Lauder

Jamie McCarthy/Getty ImagesAerin (left) and Jane Lauder.

Heir to: Estée Lauder

Granddaughter of Estée Lauder, Aerin Lauder, 48, stands to inherit the fortune from her grandmother’s namesake cosmetics empire. She’s currently the style and image director of the company, and she founded luxury lifestyle brand AERIN beauty. She has a net an estimated net worth of $US2.2 billion. Sister Jane Lauder, 45, whom she shares a fortune with, is the global brand director for Clinique.

James Murdoch

Greg Sandoval/Business Insider

Heir to: 21st Century Fox and News Corp.

Son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, 45, has held several positions across News Corp’s companies, such as CEO of 21st Century Fox. He recently became a member on Tesla’s board and has an estimated net worth of $US500 million.

Alexa Dell

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Heir to: Dell Technologies

Alexa Dell, 24, is the daughter of Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell, who has a net worth of more than $US27 billion. She’s currently engaged to millionaire real-estate investor Harrison Refoua, who reportedly bought her a 12-carat diamond ring worth up to $US3 million. Her Instagram feed often features her dressed in fashionable brands like Gucci and Dior.

Megan Ellison

Kevin Winter/Getty

Heir to: Oracle

Along with her brother David Ellison, Megan Ellison, 32, has inherited about 3 million shares of Netsuite stock and 900,000 shares of Oracle stock from father Larry Ellison, founder and CEO of Oracle, who has a net worth of $US60 billion.According to Forbes, the NetSuite assets alone could be worth $US306 million. But Megan does well on her own – she founded a film production company in 2011 and has become a real estate mogul.

Abigail Johnson

Heir to: Fidelity Investments

Abigail Johnson owns more stake in her grandfather’s firm, Fidelity Investments, than her two siblings: 24.5% compared to 5% each. Such a stake has helped the 57-year-old build a net worth of $US17.5 billion. She took over from her father, Edward “Ned” Johnson III, as CEO in 2014.

Ariana Rockefeller

Getty Images

Heir to: Standard Oil

Great-great granddaughter to Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller and granddaughter to David Rockefeller Sr., Ariana Rockefeller, 35, founded her own eponymous lifestyle fashion brand in 2011. Before that, she volunteered at an elementary school in Brazil.

Peter Brant II

Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Heir to: White Birch Paper

Peter Brant II‘s namesake, Peter Brant Sr., is the billionaire chairman and CEO of White Birch Paper. He shares the fortune with his brother and sister, Harry and Lily. While Peter Jr., 24, is a socialite and model, he also created a unisex makeup collection for M.A.C. in collaboration with his brother.

Ally Hilfiger

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Heir to: Tommy Hilfiger

Ally Hilfiger, 33, is basically American fashion royalty. Her father, fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, has a net worth of $US400 million. She was previously on MTV reality show Rich Girls, but has since produced a movie and published a book based on her experience with Lyme disease.

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