This company thinks Scott Walker borrowed its logo and is milking it for all its worth

A contact-lens and eyeglass company is having a blast after realising its logo shares similarities with that of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) presidential campaign.

Both Walker’s campaign and America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses feature a cartoonish, four-part American flag logo as the “E” in their names. The same flag icon is also their stand-alone logos when the text is removed. 

In a brief phone call on Monday, America’s Best CEO Reade Fahs told Business Insider that his company wasn’t taking sides in the presidential race. But he said he appreciates the Walker campaign approving of the design.

“We don’t endorse presidential candidates, but we sure love it when they endorse us,” he quipped.

Here’s Walker’s campaign logo:

While here’s America’s Best:

Business Insider reached out to Walker’s team for comment on the logo similarities and will update if we hear back. Walker officially kicks off his White House bid with a Monday afternoon rally in Wisconsin.

In the meantime, the America’s Best Twitter account has exploded with puns and other references to the 2016 race:

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