America's best public bathroom is a beautiful work of art

The best public bathroom in the US is in Minturn, Colorado.

The town’s “Mine Passageway” bathroom won the America’s Best Restroom award from Cintas, the facilities and services company.

It’s proof that toilets don’t need to have crappy design.

Minturn is about a two hour drive west of Denver, depending on the snowfall.

Google Maps

With a population of just over 1,000, it's a town known for hiking.

Wikimedia Commons

And skiing.

Rudi Riet / Flickr

And cycling.

Doug Pensinger / Getty

Carpenters, plumbers, and public agencies came together to create the bathrooms, which are supposed to look like the entrance to a Rocky Mountain mine.


'Making the humble public restroom into functional art was both a design challenge and a joy,' Minturn design director Janet Hawkinson said in a statement.


'We are gratified to be recognised for achieving that and for creating a project that reflects the uniqueness of the community,' she said.


The community came out to accept the well-deserved award from Cintas, which chose it out of 10 finalists.


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