More And More Americans Are Convinced It'll Be A Long Time Before The Economy Recovers

pew research poll on perceptions of the economic recovery

“Four years after the recession officially ended, the economic recovery remains a long way off in the view of many Americans.”

Those are the latest findings from a Pew Research poll. 44% of the 1480 surveyed said the economic recovery was a long way off, while 28% said the economy is recovering and 26% said the economy will recover soon.

According to Pew, there has been a notable shift in perceptions in just the past month.

“Opinions of current economic conditions, which had improved modestly in June, have slipped back to levels from earlier this year,” says the report. “Currently, 17% say economic conditions are excellent or good, while 82% rate them as only fair or poor. In June, 23% rated the economy as excellent or good, the most positive measure in more than five years.”

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