Fashion Is Relevant Again

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Photo: Flickr / Adam Tinworth

Fashion is back.Over the past few years, the economic downturn has turned American consumers off to investments that they deem unnecessary. 

But now, they’re starting to replace the clothes they bought before the nation took that big hit, and designers have started to target consumers instead of the high-fashion crowd.

Take New York Fashion Week, which is now more accessible to the everyday consumer than ever before.

Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at NPD Group, recently wrote about fashion’s big comeback. He declared fashion relevant once more:

The use of unwearable fashion is not obsolete, but the smartest brands and designers today find a way to get the right balance to be able to sell the brand to the retailer as well as to the consumer.

Fashion is relevant again. Men have already shown signs that image matters by their desire to invest in their wardrobes to look good. Women were missing in action the past few years but in the past four months they have started to update their tired wardrobes to show a renewed fashion sense

This year, Fashion Week has elevated retailers and brands in the eye of the consumers and as a result, got them back in the game.

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