Americans Spend More On Gadgets Than Heating Their Homes


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Better invest in another pair of touchscreen gloves: Americans would rather freeze their bums off than go a whole winter without the web, a new study found. Testing its theory that “technology is the real utility,” iYogi, a tech support company, found that 63 per cent of U.S. households spend 35 per cent more on technology than they do on their heating bill.

The study, “iYogi Insights: Consumer Research on Rising Technology Spends 2012,” offers a snapshot of how consumers interact with and rely on technology.

It also reveals how this relationship has evolved over time. 

iYogi surveyed 1,100 of its customers to gauge how they like to stay connected. 

Here are some of the key highlights the company turned up: 

  • Consumers spend the most on mobile service ($94 per month on average), with voice and data plans being named the most popular (60 per cent subscribe)
  • 50 per cent of respondents subscribe to “Triple-play” or Internet-TV-phone packages
  • App downloads topped the chart, followed by music, movies, videos and games
  • Most spend $19 extra on entertainment downloads 
  • 30 per cent have signed up for the cloud, with average spending nearing $10 per month
  • Likewise, 30 per cent use instant messaging applications 

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Tell us: How much do you spend to stay connected online? 

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