American Student Studying In England Severely Beaten By British Gang For Resembling 'Harry Potter'

An Occidental Student studying abroad at Cambridge University in England
had his jaw broken last month by a group of British “thugs” who mocked him for looking like “Harry Potter,”Cambridge News reports.

Quinn Coan was out celebrating his 21st birthday on Nov. 1 with friends from Cambridge when “eight or nine people” approached him around 1 a.m. to ask for directions, he told the Cambridge News.

Coan was coming from dinner at Cambridge and was still wearing his traditional academic robes, which apparently led to trouble with the gang, he said:

They started to laugh about the gown and made a remark about Harry Potter. As we walked away I was punched on the right side of my head and then again and I fell to the ground. My friends came to my side and then one of the group came over and just stamped on my head and broke my jaw … I really think it was because I was wearing a gown. We didn’t approach them. It was a totally unprovoked attack.

After the attack, Coan spent the night in a local hospital and was treated for a black eye and a fractured jaw. He told the Cambridge News that he now suffers from headaches and has had trouble concentrating.

Local detectives released images this week of four people believed to be connected to the assault, and an investigation is ongoing.

[H/T Daily News]

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