American Made Masterpiece: RGM Pennsylvania Tourbillon Watch

RGM Pennsylvania Tourbillon watch

The boys in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania have done us Americans proud. However, I found it ironic that I needed to see this American-made watch in Switzerland. This is the RGM Pennsylvania Tourbillon MM 2 watch. Almost all of it is made in American, including the case and much of the movement. Certain parts, like the balance spring, really make no sense to try to manufacture yourself. Designed after classic American pocket watches, the Pennsylvania Tourbillon is a handsome timepiece for discerning collectors and you don’t have to be American to like it.

I previously wrote about the RGM Pennsylvania Tourbillon MM 2 watch here. There you will learn more about RGM, the technical specs, and other facts that I don’t feel like repeating here. This is about my hands-on experience with the first-ever American made tourbillon watch. A while back, the US made a lot of watches. We bested Switzerland and brands like IWC were actually created when the US decided to outsource its watch-making to Switzerland – no joke.

Since those golden days, and the quartz crisis/revolution, the US has all but stopped making watches in any mass amount. While there are a number of small US watch brands, few do anything with movements. RGM, based in one of the watch hotspots of the US, made their first movement (the calibre 801) a few years ago. They have since followed up with the Pennsylvania Tourbillon. The movement is manually wound with a slow beat, large diameter tourbillon opposite an off-centered watch dial. The face of the watch is all about appreciating the movement – with its German silver engraved dial and exposed mechanics. A traditional movement throughout, it has a unique American flavour and design.

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