Scotty McCreery Wins “American Idol” — And Did Fox Cut Away From Its Two Finalists Making Out? (VIDEO)


Scotty McCreery, the 16-year-old country crooner from North Carolina, won the tenth season of “American Idol” tonight after more than 100 million votes were cast.

And something interesting happened at the moment Ryan Seacrest announced the results: the cameras quickly cut away as McCreery hugged — and we think kissed on the mouth — runner-up Lauren Alaina.

Call us immature speculators, but really — why would the cameras abandon the winner just seconds after he was crowned?

The cameras continued to cut away each time McCreery and Alaina got anywhere near each other.

McCreery also cryptically told Seacrest, “Me and Lauren Alaina have been together since day one, and we’re gonna stay together.” Could mean as friends as performers, could mean as more.

OK, we’ll get over it now.

Video below. (P.S. — Watch for Jack Black to get stiffed on a hug from McCreery.)