WATCH: Pia Toscano Astounds On “American Idol” — But Come To Think Of It, So Does Everyone Else

pia toscano

Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson thought they’d stumped the enormous-voiced Pia Toscano last week when they demanded she sing something uptempo.

But with seemingly no effort at all, Toscano took the stage and blew out the room with Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High.”

She left the judges scrambling to come up with any criticism at all — but the real problem was, so did the eight other contestants.

We’ve decried the coddling nature of this season’s newer, more positive show before. Now, it seems the judges couldn’t think of something negative to say if they wanted to.

With nine contestants left, every one of the kids on “American Idol” is as good as the winners that came before them. They’re also refusing to fall into some classic “Idol” traps, like bad song choice and lack of identity.

There’s a lot of season left — and there won’t be another single moment of watchable drama unless the judges start holding the singers to a higher standard.

Moments of lamely engineered spontaneity — like producer Nigel Lythgoe urging girls to rush Scotty McCreery — aren’t going to cut it forever.

Video below.