"American Idol" Judges Cash In Their Save For Casey Abrams


Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez weren’t about to let contestant Casey Abrams get away.

So they used the relatively-new “save” with 11 contestants left in the competition.

The save, which producers invented to give one vote-eliminated singer per season a chance to stay on the show, is usually invoked when the show is down to four or five competitors.

But the judges are so enthusiastic about the bluesy Abrams’ potential that they decided to use it at an unusually early stage.

And saving Abrams was a smart marketing choice on two levels.

Though this week’s votes didn’t reflect it, Abrams has been one of the buzzier contestants on the show, and his departure would have disappointed a significant chunk of viewers.

More importantly, since the judges’ decision kept 11 musicians on the show this week instead of cutting it to 10, there will be 11 “Idol” hopefuls on the show’s concert tour this summer.

In any case, none of this entered Abrams’ head when he heard he wasn’t going home — he seemed to be just concentrating on not passing out.

Meanwhile, pay attention to the reaction of the other contestants. It’s always fun to watch them try to muster happiness for the contestant who’s come back from the brink — while processing the fact that two of them are going home next week, and no one can be saved this season again.

Video below.

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