WATCH: American Idol Forced To apologise For Steven Tyler's Mouth

Steven Tyler

American Idol opened with an unusual introduction last night:

“American Idol would like to apologise for last week’s outrageous behaviour by Steven Tyler. Mr Tyler has been warned and assures us it will never happen again.”

They are, of course, referring to last week’s episode when a contestant from Austin, Texas introduced himself as “Jake Muck.” Unable to resist, Tyler jumped in and asked him “Hey, you know what that rhymes with?”

Aside from Tyler, Mr. Muck’s response is perfectly timed! Good one, Muck.

The tone of FOX’s apology is about as ominous as an improv sketch — it’s not like they struck the original footage in the show.

They didn’t hire Tyler, a veteran rock star with plenty of bad behaviour under his belt, to set an example of etiquette and turpitude. Clearly, they want more schtick from him or they wouldn’t have drawn attention to it. 

Check out the message and previous week’s clip below.

[H/T] Daily Mail

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