American Express Lawyer Allegedly Skewered A Rival In A Barroom Brawl

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Photo: Patrick Doheny/Flickr

A man who has made a career in Biglaw is facing legal troubles of his own after he alleged slashed a man with a broken champagne flute.Bryan Brooks, 36, was spending the night at the Thom Bar at the Thompson Hotel when he confronted Chaka Smith, 28, because he thought Smith was laughing at him, the New York Post reported Monday.

Smith, who says a doctor needed to use 50 stitches and 15 staples to close his wound, testified in court Monday that he told Brooks they didn’t know each other before Brooks threw a champagne flute at him.

Brooks, a former Skadden Arps lawyer who worked with the firm for four years and went on to American Express, is no stranger to legal troubles, Above The Law reported Tuesday. He was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in April 2011, according to ATL.

If convicted of the current charge against him, Brooks could spend up to 25 years behind bars.

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