'The Taylor Swift of Boxing' gives epic post-fight interview after Pan-Am Games loss

American super-heavyweight boxer Cam AwesomeAPAmerican super-heavyweight boxer Cam Awesome (in red) during an earlier match at the Pan American Games.

American superheavyweight boxer Cam Awesome lost in the semifinals at the Pan-Am Games in Toronto, but the real show came after the fight during an interview for ESPN.

In less than two minutes, Awesome manages to refer to himself in the third-person numerous times, calls himself “the Taylor Swift of boxing,” says he “looked amazing” during the fight more than once, referenced freedom beating communism, used the Spanish word “rojo” and explained it was for the bilingual viewers, noted that his “core game is on 100,” and he did it all in an upbeat manner that makes one surprised to learn he was actually the loser in the fight.

Awesome may not have won gold in Toronto, but it might be safe to saw he has a pretty bright future. Here is the full video (via Barstool Sports).


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