American Apparel Has A Strict New Set Of Rules For Workers

American Apparel has a strict new ethics code for employees as it distances itself from controversial founder Dov Charney.

The retailer recently parted ways with Charney, citing results of an investigation into his character. 

While American Apparel has long been known for its oversexualized ads and provocative company culture, it appears the brand is turning over a new leaf.

The 6,200-word code of ethics on the brand’s website is four times longer than the previous version, reports Matthew Townsend at Bloomberg

The new policies forbid any romantic relationships, including casual dating, between managers and subordinates. 

The company also enacted stricter rules against slurs and crude jokes in the workplace.

Charney’s downfall followed a string of allegations of sexual and financial misconduct during his 16-year tenure at the company. 

He was fired from his position as CEO due to allegations that he sexually harassed employees and “refused to participate in mandatory sexual harassment training,” according to a leaked copy of his termination letter. American Apparel’s board of directors also accused him in the letter of paying “significant” severance packages to former employees to conceal any wrongdoing.

Charney has denied the charges as baseless.

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