Take A Tour Of American Apparel's Notorious LA Factory

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Photo: christianhasdiabetes on flickr

Even after the illegal immigrant raids, multiple sex scandals and a close call with bankruptcy, American Apparel’s “sweatshop-free” business model is still something to brag about.The apparel brand is going on the offensive by offering an unusually detailed online tour of its Los Angeles factory.

We’ve picked out the highlights, including the ridiculously erotic procedure used to clean the solar roof.

The factory is located in a gritty industrial area known as Skid Row. It has a state of the art solar installation on the roof, which gets cleaned three times a year.

Looks like quite the party

On the seventh floor we find CEO Dov Charney, who gave this interview sitting in the bathroom

On the same floor, here's Eliana from Product Development

She's overseeing the creation of a new product, a vintage-inspired metallic pant

Sewing and cutting takes place on the sixth, fourth and third floors

Here massive amounts of fabric are prepped for production

Once complete, each garment must pass a quality control inspection

Everything from buttons to labels is stored in the trim department

On the third floor, employees can also enjoy free massages

Down on the second floor, 75 different styles of socks and hosiery are made

This is George Taschyan, a lifelong shoemaker, who recently folded his manufacturing operation into the American Apparel Factory

On the other end of the building are the mechanics who fix everything from broken machinery to irons

In the fifth floor lunchroom, employees eat lunches from home

More than 500 employees work to help distribute the clothing to customers around the world

Here's a look at the production process by the numbers

On the ground floor customers can get discounts at the factory store

Nearby is the large shipment warehouse

And here's one of the trucks that will bring the clothes to a store near you

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