American Airlines: We Aren't Changing Reclining-Seat Policies

Fights have been breaking out in the suddenly unfriendly skies over the right to recline your seat in coach. On Tuesday, a Delta flight was forced to divert from a scheduled landing so that combative passengers could be kicked off.

Given that there have been several of these incidents over the past week and a half, we wondered if the airlines were making any changes.

Here’s what American Airlines told us:

There’s no policy for reclining seats.

Since there’s no policy, cabin crews won’t be making proactive seat-reclining announcements.

American hasn’t seen an uptick in unruly passengers, and only a small percentage of flights have been affected by unruly passengers.

Cabin crew will intervene only when the safety of the passengers is an issue.

The captain has ultimate discretion on whether a flight will divert.

We also reached out to Delta and United. We’ll update if they get back to us.

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