American Airlines chose a strange photo to accompany an assuring tweet about hiring more flight attendants

American Airlines added 700 new flight attendants this year, and they decided to tweet about it using a strange image. 

“Did you know? This year, we’ve added more than 700 flight attendants to our #AATeam,” American Airlines tweeted earlier Tuesday. The tweet was accompanied by a photo of several people, presumably flight attendants, wearing life-preservers and practicing safety procedures on a raft in a pool. 

Here’s the tweet:

While we’re always grateful for a team that knows what to do in an emergency, the photo was a little jarring. We reached out to American Airlines and we’ll update the post if we hear back.

A few Twitter users also thought the photo was strange:

This isn’t the first time an airline has tweeted a bizarre photo. In 2014, US Airways made headlines after tweeting a pornographic image and leaving it up for almost an hour.

At least this particular photo is safe for work.

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