An American Airlines jet almost catches fire after cargo loader bursts into flames

On Monday, a cargo loader burst into flames at Hong Kong International Airport, injuring the machine’s operator. 

The incident took place right before a cargo pallet was set to be loaded onto an American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER.

Video posted on social media of the fire shows the blaze at the right rear cargo door of the plane. 

As a result of the incident, American Airlines Flight 192 to Los Angeles was canceled and the aircraft was taken out of service. Its passengers have been accommodated on other flights. 

“An external piece of loading equipment had a mechanical issue and caught fire while preparing to put cargo in the hold of American Airlines flight 192 from Hong Kong (HKG) to Los Angeles (LAX),” An American Airlines representative told Business Insider in an email statement. “As a result, a pallet on the loading equipment containing non-hazardous goods also caught fire.”

The airline and its local ramp service vendor are currently investigating the cause of the malfunction. 

Even though the plane was parked at the gate, boarding had not yet commenced so none of the flight’s passengers and crew were injured.

“The operator of loading equipment is being looked after by medical professionals with non-life threatening injuries,” American Airlines said.

Although the plane itself did not catch fire, the airline pulled the $US347.1 million Boeing jet from service so a maintenance crew could evaluate the aircraft.

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