American Airlines Flight Attendants Protest Exec Comp

Lately, there’s been quite some buzz around the airline industry,  with antitrust battles percolating across the industry. Now, executive compensation is coming into play.

On Wednesday, disgruntled American Airlines flight attendants protested at 10 airports across the nation to voice their concerns over the company’s executive compensation practices. 

The NY Daily News reports that American Airlines flight attendants came out in large numbers and protested at JFK Airport the lump sum bonuses given to the airline’s upper echelon executives after reporting losses.

“The top five execs have reaped $100 million in bonuses since 2005, while the carrier lost more than $4.2 billion”, the Daily News reports. “Then in 2003, the flight attendants agreed to cut in pay and benefits worth $340 million annually, which they say kept American out of bankruptcy.”

American Airlines claims that the bonuses are ‘variable compensation’ linked to positive stock performance, which makes up 75 per cent of executive salary.