American Airlines Latest To Sue Google for Trademark Keywords


No harm in trying, we suppose–except embarrassment.  American Airlines becomes the latest in a line of companies trying to sue Google (GOO) into rejecting competitor’s bids for trademarked keywords.  MediaPost’s Laurie Petersen reports that Geico already tried this, and lost, and several other companies’ attempts are in various stages of litigation.

What other tack could AA take besides spending millions in legal fees?  Well, it could spend millions buying the same keywords itself.  In fact, assuming American Airlines believes that clicks on “AAdvantage,” etc., are winning competitors’ business that AA would otherwise have had for itself, then the lawsuit could be seen as just a clever attempt to try to reduce or eliminate its own advertising spending.

In any event, based on previous precedent and common sense, American might as well burn the money.  Laurie Petersen has more.