American Airlines Invites High Klout Scorers To Their VIP Clubs

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American Airlines Invites Klout Champs Into Admiral’s Club Locations (Klout) 
Is this the beginning of a world in which social media power users are fawned over by companies and treated to perks, while the rest of us with less than 500 friends on Facebook and 200 Twitter followers become second-class citizens? Maybe not, but Klout users with a score of 55 and above can now check in to American Airline’s Admiral Clubs. The Klout Perks program also has partnerships with Disney and other companies. Read > 

Study Shows Social Network Users Generate Most Conversions (Aggregate Knowledge)
Social networks and other portals deliver the users that are most likely to lead to conversions, or sales, from advertisements. Aggregate Knowledge, a display ad solutions firm, released the results after studying more than 27 billion online ad impressions from the first quarter of 2013. Results show that social users performed 65% better than the industry average. Aggregate Knowledge CEO David Jakubowski also spoke to All Facebook about the study. Read >Tumblr And SnapChat Far More Popular Among Teens Than Adults (Jacobs Media)
Jacobs Media took a survey of over 78,000 radio listeners across 264 radio stations in the United States and Canada about social media. The results showed that Gen Z, those between the ages of 13 and 17, are more drawn to emerging social outlets like Tumblr and SnapChat. However, the survey also showed that Gen Z Facebook use is almost equal to that of Baby Boomers. Teens and young adults are an important demographic for advertisers. These results indicate further proof that companies and their ad agencies may have to adopt targeted campaigns to better capture teenagers’ attentions. The below chart is from MarketingCharts.comRead >

JacobsMedia Radio Listeners SocNet Adoption by Generation May2013

Code Switching: The Key To Understanding Teen behaviour (Edutopia)
This article presents a framework for understanding teen digital behaviour. Teens spend most of their day at school, where smartphones are typically banned from the classroom. But as soon as class ends, the texting and mobile usage begin. That means teens are constantly switching between behavioural codes, which psychologists know to be stressful and fatiguing. Read > 

The Value Of Personal Information (All Things Digital) 
Tom Cochran, CTO of Atlantic Media (publisher of The Atlantic, Quartz, National Journal, and Government Executive) explores the immense value of personal information in the digital economy. Cochran also offers a few ways in which companies that track this personal information can pay back their users for providing such data. It’s the same idea that author Jaron Lanier has championed in his latest bookRead >

You Can Now See Who, What, and Where On YouTube (The Verge)
YouTube launched its Trends Map on Tuesday, which will allow users in the United States to see a breakdown of trending videos across the country. Users can toggle between demographics like gender and various age brackets. The map was launched as a way to display daily trending videos in real time. Read >

power of connectedness

Social Media behaviour In China Evolves (Frog Design)

Frog Design, a global innovation company, evaluated the changing social media behaviours in China. The country is already the most active nation in social media, but its citizens constantly changing social statuses and offline behaviours have influenced the way they digest and engage in social media. Frog credits sites like Weibo, Renren, and Weixin as indicators of this transformation. Read >Understanding Facebook’s EdgeRank, The Algorithm That Shapes Your NewsFeed (Mashable)
What ends up in users’ news feeds, and what doesn’t? This infographic looks under the hood of the EdgeRank algorithm that determines much of what happens on Facebook. Read >

edgerank 101 972

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