America Is No Longer A Republic And We’re Losing Says Conservative Talk Show Host

Mark Levin
Mark Levin at the Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Dream Conference.

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“I explain in the book I really don’t think we can be legitimately called a constitutional republic anymore,” radio host Mark Levin told The Daily Caller in an extensive interview about his new book “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” released Monday.Levin says he came up with the word “Ameritopia” as he “was looking for a word to describe what I believe is the state of America.”

“What is this movement, this force, this agenda that has unhinged us from the Constitution? And I get into this in great detail obviously — this utopianism,” he said.

Levin devotes a significant part of the book to dissecting two sets of philosophers. One group, which includes Plato, Thomas More, Thomas Hobbes and Karl Marx, tries to “shape man” though “totalitarian schemes” that “are sold as these utopian miracles,” Levin said.

The other set — which includes John Locke, Charles de Montesquieu and Alexis de Tocqueville — “are people who really sought to delve into the individual,” he said.

“There are really the two differences,” he explained. “One is trying to reshape man against his nature and is an attack on the individual and his sovereignty. The other is an attempt to understand it and nurture it.”

Utopians, Levin writes, were behind Social Security and Medicare. Does Levin believe those programs need to be eliminated or just reformed?

“Personally, I think if the American people want Social Security and Medicare we ought to amend the Constitution,” he said. “If there is overwhelming support for massive entitlement programs, for a change in the nature of our society vis-à-vis the government, then the people should participate in that process.”

Levin certainly doesn’t sugarcoat his ultimate message.

“It’s not about conservatives winning or losing,” he said. “The issue is whether we as a people are winning or losing. And we’re losing. And I’m extremely concerned about it.”

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This post originally appeared at The Daily Caller.