America Has Never Had A Former CEO In The White House

white house at christmas time

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This post originally appeared at The Christian Science Monitor.Does the corner office prepare you for the Oval Office?

It’s a central question of the 2012 Republican primary – and will probably remain so through the general election, if Mitt Romney hangs on to become the nominee. Mr. Romney, of course, says, yes, being a chief executive officer does prepare you to be president. So did Steve ForbesRoss Perot, and before that, Lee Iacocca.

But a surging Rick Santorum and a defiant Newt Gingrich have a different view, at least when it comes to the former head of a particular venture capital firm, and President Obama will no doubt borrow some of their acidic lines and produce a few of his own, if an Obama-Romney matchup emerges later this year.

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