America Has Been Worn Down By Anderson Cooper's Striking Blue Eyes


Soon, more people will be watching repeats of Keith Olbermann than a new Anderson Cooper. Not good news for the CNN star.

His nightly audience has fallen below 1 million in May for the first time ever and about 20% of Larry King devotees are clicking away (in fairness, it is probably time for their pills).

The LA Times Company Town blog reports that “since the start of 2009, Cooper has lost one-third of his audience.”

Cooper’s problems:
•CNN centrist attitude. Half the people watching news at that time think the channel LOVES Obama and turn to Fox; the others watch MSNBC because they think CNN only LIKES Obama.

•His strengths—the solid reporting, deep personal connection to stories, etc.—aren’t necessarily suited for a show that’s on every night.

•The 10 p.m. slot has evolved into the prime DVR catch-up period during which Americans watch the stuff they’ve recorded earlier. Combine that with the juggernaut franchises such as CBS’s CSI or even the local news and Cooper has a much smaller total audience from which to fish. Wonder how this bodes for Leno?

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