These charts show how Americans' TV viewing habits are changing -- and who is winning and losing because of it

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Americans are watching more TV – just not on their televisions.

US consumers now watch nearly 23 hours a week of television, according to a new study from Morgan Stanley. That’s up more than an hour since last year and it’s the highest total in at least four years.

But Americans of all age groups are spending less time watching shows on their actual TV sets, according to the study. Older US viewers in particular are rapidly changing their viewing habits, spending more time watching on smartphones, computers, and tablets rather than on the boob tube. And viewers are spending less time watching TV in their homes. Instead, they’re increasingly tuning in at the office or “on the go.”

Understanding these shifts is critical for businesses ranging from advertising to sports.

These four charts on BI PRIME will tell you everything you need to know about Americans’ new TV viewing habits, and which companies are poised to benefit.

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