Meet David Einhorn's New Receptionist: Amelia Wierzbicki

amelia wierzbicki

Photo: Scuttlebutt

David Einhorn was sad to see his receptionist Helen leave the hedge fund at the end of 2010, because for 10 years she “pleasantly greeted everyone on the phone and at the front desk,” according to his latest investor letter.But now he’s found somebody to replace her.

In the letter, via Dealbreaker, Einhorn wrote:

Amelia Wierzbicki has joined us to take over for Helen.

In addition to Amelia being an accomplished violinist and music teacher, her last name also scores an impressive 30 points in Scrabble!

Here’s a clearer photo of her here >

Wierzbicki is from Pennsylvania but studied at the University of Hartford, where she got a degree in journalism and minored in music. After school, she worked for the Caramoor centre for Music and the Arts.

Einhorn is clearly a ballsy boss; hiring a journalism grad, who would definitely have journalist friends, to work inside your hedge fund, in which privacy is paramount – now that is trusting.

At Hartford U, Wierzbicki was member of Sigma Alpha Iota, a music sorority, and organised a benefit to raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief.

The concert was Wierzbicki’s idea; she had a friend who was a New Orleans native and she wanted to help out his family, and all the others who had been affected by the disaster.

Other things to know about Einhorn’s new front deskette: some of her fave movies are Pretty Woman, the Notebook and Wedding Crashers; she’s a Phillies fan; and she loves to hum and bop to Billy Joel, the Beatles and the Beach Boys.

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