See Amelia Earhart's Ads For Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Amelia Earhart Lucky Strike 1928 AdLucky Strike Ad (1928)

Today would have been Amelia Earhart’s 115th birthday. 70-five years after the pioneering airwoman disappeared over the Pacific, people are still hoping to find her body or  wreckage from her plane.

She’s less famous for her advertising. When she was alive, she endorsed a luggage line and a clothing line at Macy’s.

She was also the face of Lucky Strike cigarettes in the late 1920s. In 1928 and 1929, after her historic transatlantic flight, she claimed she smoked Lucky Strikes throughout the journey from Canada to England.

The copy on the 1928 ad read:

Lucky Strikes were the cigarettes carried on the ‘Friendship’ when she crossed the Atlantic. They were smoked continuously from Trepassey to Wales. I think nothing else helped so much to less the strain for all of us.

The 1929 copy was shorter:

Lucky Strikes were the cigarettes carried on the ‘Friendship’ when she crossed the Atlantic.

Both copies centered around the “It’s toasted. No throat Irritation. No cough” message, although the later ad also attempted to appeal more to females mentioning Earhart’s “slender figure.”

Amelia Earhart Lucky Strike Ad 1929Lucky Strike Ad (1929)

Photo: Lucky Strike / via Captain Geoffrey Spaulding

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