AMC's movie-ticket subscription service has passed 380,000 members as it battles MoviePass, and the chain will see its first attendance increase since 2015

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  • AMC Theatres now has over 380,000 members on its movie-ticket subscription service, AMC Stubs A-List.
  • A-List (and probably MoviePass) also helped the chain have its first yearly US attendance increase since 2015.

AMC Theatres continues to capitalise in the wake of the MoviePass craze.

The largest theatre chain in the world announced a new milestone on Tuesday for its movie-ticket subscription service, AMC Stubs A-List.

In three months of being in existence, membership is now over 380,000. That’s a 120,000-member increase during the last six weeks, according to the chain. And A-List members are seeing a wide variety of movies, as the company’s data shows that subscribers have seen more than 363 different movie titles in just under three months.

The popularity of A-List, and likely of MoviePass as well, has also led to AMC projecting its first yearly US attendance increase since 2015, though the release did not specify what the exact increase was.

“With 380,000 members enrolled in just three months, AMC Stubs A-List is demonstrating that it encourages moviegoers of all ages, locations and backgrounds to come to movie theatres more often, and they’re bringing family and friends along with them,” Adam Aron, AMC Theatres CEO, said in the release. “The early success of this program is evident as AMC is projecting an attendance increase at our U.S. theatres for the first time in three years. This is very good for AMC, and very good for our guests and movie studio partners.”

With MoviePass scaling down to just catering to the occasional moviegoer, the only major competition AMC’s “three movies per week for $US19.95” a month plan has is Sinemia.

Following the survey from the National Research Group, which named the Sinemia’s “two movies for $US7.99 a month” plan as the most attractive for moviegoers, Sinemia announced an unlimited monthly plan for $US29.99.

There may be a new rivalry heating up in the battle for movie-ticket membership supremacy.

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