Ambrose Evans-Pritchard On The Banking Rescue In Vietnam That Will Trigger The 2011-2012 Asian Hard Landing


Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has painted his nightmare outline of what 2011 will look like around the world, and there’s no comfort here for investors, beyond those focused on Norway.

Here’s a quick brief on the big ones, from The Telegraph:

  • Japan falls back into recession, debt position gets worse, country gets downgraded.
  • China and India may end up with stagflation that turns their hungry populations against them.
  • Vietnam’s banking system will need a rescue, triggering the 2011-2012 Asia hard landing.
  • Haircuts will hit European bond holders as politics turns on the harsh terms of the bailouts.
  • And Europe will continue to fight over bailout structures, not coming to any conclusions, creating every more struggle for its members.

Read the full list of predictions at The Telegraph >

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