The trailer for Amazon's movie based on the true story of a lost city looks epic

The lost city of z amazonAmazon‘The Lost City of Z.’

In the 1920s, British officer Percy Fawcett led an expedition deep into the forests of the Amazon to find an indigenous lost city where a civilisation once flourished in the mid 1700s. The city was thought to have contained large statues and a temple with hieroglyphics. Fawcett called it the Lost City of Z.

His first attempt to find the city failed, as Fawcett had to return after getting a fever in the jungle. For his second attempt, in 1925, he took along his son, Jack, and the two were never seen again.

Since then, hundreds of explorers and scientists have died or disappeared after going out to the Amazon to find traces of Fawcett’s expedition or the lost city.

Fawcett’s remarkable story was the basis of the 2009 best-selling book “The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon,” and now Amazon Studios has made it into a movie.

“The Lost City of Z,” directed by James Grey (“The Yards,” The Immigrant”) and starring Charlie Hunnam (“Sons of Anarchy”) as Fawcett, along with Tom Holland as Fawcett’s son Jack and Robert Pattinson, retells Fawcett’s journey. And by the looks of the trailer, the film is going to be a visually lush and thrilling look at the legend.

With glimpses of Fawcett and his team battling natives as well as the elements, if the movie is as intense as the footage in the trailer, Amazon has another hit on its hands.

“The Lost City of Z” opens in theatres April 21 nationwide. Watch the trailer below:


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