LEAKED: Here's Amazon's New Kindle Fire*

Amazon’s next tablet appears to have leaked online. 

Chris Ziegler at The Verge has a photo of what is supposed to be the next generation Kindle Fire.

As you can see, there’s not much to the photo. It’s a tablet. The one big change is a front facing camera. It also looks like Amazon designed the new Kindle Fire to be held primarily in landscape mode like most other Android tablets.

The design appears to be different than the last Kindle Fire, which was allegedly an off-the-rack model that looked exactly like Research In Motion’s failed Playbook tablet.

Really, for Amazon to survive in the tablet market it needs to produce amazing software. The first Kindle Fire suffered with buggy, laggy software. Amazon later released a software update for the Fire to smooth things out, but the overall user experience wasn’t as good as the iPad or other Android tablets.

This leaked image doesn’t help us figure out if the software is better, but it does look like Amazon will stick with the same black and orange colour scheme.

There have also been rumours that Amazon will release a 10-inch version of the Kindle Fire, but no one has been able to confirm that.

Amazon is hosting a big event next week so we’ll get a better, more detailed look at the next Kindle Fire.

UPDATE: Ziegler has updated his report with new comments from a different source. This new source says, “That picture you guys posted is not the new Kindle Fire. I know because I have held the new Kindle Fire in my hand and played with it for extensive periods of time… the bezel on the new Kindle Fire is wider. It has sloping sides like the old Motorola Xoom, so it sits nicely in the hand.”

Ziegler says this photo is one from a larger set of images, so it could be that Amazon is releasing multiple devices.


Photo: The Verge

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