12 high-paying jobs Amazon's HQ2 will likely bring to its future city

tanleimages/ShutterstockThese Amazon jobs all earn over $US90,000.

• Amazon will decide on a location for its second headquarters sometime this year.

• Amazon has said it would bring in up to “50,000 high-paying jobs” to whatever city it’s based in, according to Business Insider’s Hayley Peterson.

• Business Insider looked at some of the high-paying roles at Amazon’s current Seattle headquarters to get a sense of what jobs could come to its second headquarters.

Amazon is one step closer to establishing its second headquarters.

Business Insider’s Hayley Peterson reported that, as of January 18, 2018, the online retail giant is deciding between 20 cities in North America. Amazon is set to make its final choice sometime this year.

For better or worse, Amazon HQ2 will likely fundamentally change whatever area it’s established in. Critics have predicted traffic snarls, rising rent prices, and gentrification, while proponents are expecting a surge of jobs and economic opportunities.

To figure the exact kinds of jobs Amazon HQ2 might bring in, we took a closer look at Amazon’s first headquarters in Seattle, since it stands to reason that many jobs commonly-found at Amazon’s current headquarters would be in demand once a second headquarters is established.

Business Insider sifted through the 14,000 Seattle-based occupations and salariesAmazon employees shared on Glassdoor to find jobs that earn over $US90,000 a year and received reviews from more than 10 Seattle-based Amazon employees.

Based on that analysis, here’s a look at some of the most lucrative jobs Amazon HQ2 might bring to it’s future home city:

Data engineer

Data engineers construct and maintain data pipelines and systems.

Average annual salary, according to 64 Glassdoor reviews: $US94,640

Operations manager

Operations managers oversee teams that handle inventory management, purchases, and work flow at an organisation.

Median annual salary, according to 32 Glassdoor reviews: $US99,338

Business intelligence engineer

Dean Drobo/Shutterstock

Business intelligence engineers work with data to help organisations become more efficient and better understand the market.

Average annual salary, according to 70 Glassdoor reviews: $US100,732

Quality assurance engineer

Quality assurance engineers oversee the development of software, and test individual products to ensure there are no errors.

Average annual salary, according to 77 Glassdoor reviews: $US101,712

Senior vendor manager

Senior vendor managers manage relationships and contracts with vendors.

Average annual salary, according to 72 Glassdoor reviews: $US110,712

Research scientist

Research scientists analyse data from scientific experiments and trials.

Average annual salary, according to 59 Glassdoor reviews: $US112,861

Software development engineer

Software development engineers build and develop computer systems and software.

Average annual salary, according to 642 Glassdoor reviews: $US114,856

Database administrator

Getty/Lean In/Thomas Barwick

Average annual salary, according to 27 Glassdoor reviews: $US118,000

Program manager

Program managers oversee and run a series of related projects for companies, with a focus on boosting performance.

Average annual salary, according to 114 Glassdoor reviews: $US126,118

Senior marketing manager

Senior marketing managers oversee marketing strategies and campaigns for teams and projects within an organisation.

Median annual salary, according to 58 Glassdoor reviews: $US129,089


Economists study the field of economics, and often advise governments, companies, and other institutions.

Average annual salary, according to 11 Glassdoor reviews: $US129,179

Senior user experience designer

Senior user experience designers develop and enhance products to improve user experience and satisfaction.

Average annual salary, according to 42 Glassdoor reviews: $US131,209

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