Amazon may soon launch its own shopping channel where you can buy things right off the screen

Jeff BezosMichael Seto/Business InsiderAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon may soon have its own shopping channel à la QVC that also lets you buy things right off the screen, Geekwire reported Wednesday.

The new channel is expected to launch next year, according to Geekwire’s anonymous source, and could have the added functionality of allowing viewers order items right off the screen, just as the Fire TV lets you do when you click on its banner ads.

The new channel would leverage some of the technology from Twitch, the online live gaming network Amazon bought for $US970 million last year. Amazon started offering the direct purchase options on Fire TV two weeks ago, it said.

It’s unclear what else Amazon has in store for its new TV channel, but it’s worth noting the news comes just a few weeks after Bloomberg reported Amazon’s considering the launch of its own live TV service. The Bloomberg report said Amazon was in talks with content providers, like CBS and NBC Universal, to licence their content for its own live streaming service.

Amazon is also reported to be working on a new shopping portal available to Fire TV users, but postponed the roll out after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos saw the demo, according to AFTV News.

Regardless, the goal of all this is pretty clear: expanding its customer base and making it easier to buy things through its own Amazon shopping platform.

Amazon wasn’t immediately available for comment on this report.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through hispersonal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

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