11 Amazon jobs that will let you work from anywhere

OKcamera/ShutterstockYou don’t have to live near Amazon’s headquarters to do these jobs.

Amazon released its short list of the 20 cities that might be the site of its second headquarters.

• The retail giant also came in seventh place on FlexJobs‘ list of the best companies when it comes to telecommuting, meaning the offer a ton of work-from-home jobs.

• We’ve listed some of the best
full-time telecommuting jobs Amazon has on offer.

The battle for Amazon’s second headquarters has entered the final stages, and just 20 places are left vying to become home to HQ2.

But if your goal is to land a role at Amazon, don’t feel bad if your city gets passed over. The company offers numerous telecommuting jobs that won’t require you to pack up and move.

FlexJobs recently released a list of 100 companies with the most telecommuting jobs. Amazon came in seventh, out of a total of over 49,000 companies.

Here’s a look at some of the full-time telecommuting job openings they have offered in the past, along with salary data from Glassdoor:

Solutions architect

This full-time role involves technical engagements with Amazon’s partners and customers.

Average salary: $US140,818

Canadian-English linguist

This role requires proficiency in Canadian English, and features transcription, translation, and data analysis.

Average salary: $US57,909

Communications program manager

Stock Rocket/Shutterstock
This remote role calls for high-tech company experience and a minimum of 10 years of marketing experience.

Average salary: $US104,374

Corporate trainer

Omar Havana / Stringer / Getty Images
This seasonal role focuses upon the training of company ambassadors.

Average salary: $US44,640

Senior client lead recruiter

For this gig, the candidate is required to have five years of experience and fluency in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Average salary: $US90,201

Human resources leadership coordinator

For this remote job, Amazon only wants people who are “customer obsessed and motivated.”

Average salary: $US54,727

Technical editor

Tim Grey/Shutterstock
Ths remote gig features creating and editing Amazon Web Services training materials.

Average salary: $US76,051

Field enablement strategist

Ilze Filipova/Shutterstock
This remote job requires management and product marketing experience.

Average salary:$US72,892

Virtual programs manager

Alissa Kumarova/Shutterstock
An ability to travel and leadership skills are two requirements for this management role.

Average salary: $US94,063

Sourcing specialist

Dean Drobo/Shutterstock
This full-time telecommuting gig requires a degree in an area related to business or human resources.

Average salary: $US80,606

Senior financial analyst

This telecommuting role involves analysing data around cost reductions.

Average salary: $US108,750

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