Amazon Rivals Do The Happy Dance Over Its Big Web Outage Last Night

Jeff BezosDown on Bezos.

Part of Amazon’s cloud went down last night, taking down services like Quora, Pinterest, HipChat, Heroku and countless others.And today, don’t you know, Amazon’s competitors have moved in for the kill.

Amazon Web Services was disrupted between about 9 p.m. Eastern Time Thursday and 3:30 Eastern Friday morning.

Amazon blamed a power outage at its U.S. East data centre in Virginia. That’s a bit weird. Most modern data centres have plenty of backup options to avoid going down over a power supply.

The situation has brought out the claws of Amazon competitors.

For instance, Piston Cloud Computing likened Amazon to a landlord and declared:

“Your landlord doesn’t give a *#*&! If a window leaks, they’ll fix it, yes, but you won’t know about the leak until it rains,” wrote Piston co,founder Gretchen Curtis on the company’s blog.

Piston makes OpenStack software for so-called “private clouds” that companies use in their data centres. OpenStack is open-source software used by some of Amazon’s biggest competitors, including Rackspace and HP.

Competitor Rackspace was more gracious. It merely pointed out the outage to its customers by tweeting on @Rackspace, “We wish our friends at AWS and all of their customers the best. Everyone suffers down-time and never at a good time.”

Everyone was talking about the irony of the outage, too. It happened on the same day that Amazon said it was cutting prices on customer support in a blog post titled, “AWS Support – We’ve Got Your Back.”

In that post, Amazon boasted about all the things Amazon was doing to make sure its cloud doesn’t fail.


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