Amazon and Facebook show two different ways to become a ‘must-have’ app for millennials

Millennials spend almost twenty hours a week on their smartphones.

But they’re not making phone calls, they’re spending most of that time on mobile apps.

A recent survey from comScore, visualized in this chart from Statista, shows which apps are the most beloved and used by the millennial generation, defined as anyone between 18 and 34 years of age.

At the top of the heap is Amazon, which packs lots of functionality into its mobile app. The Amazon app lets users shop, listen to e-books, and enjoy some capabilities of Alexa, the same virtual assistant that’s in Amazon’s Echo device.

Facebook has taken a different approach and created a variety of different apps. While Facebook doesn’t have the number one spot, it counts four of its properties among the list of must-haves for millennials.