Amazon's big answer to Apple's AirPods could arrive later this year

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider
  • Amazon will launch a pair of Alexa-enabled wireless earbuds in the second half of this year, according to a report.
  • The earbuds would allow users to access Amazon’s virtual helper by just saying “Alexa.”
  • Amazon would be entering a market dominated by Apple that’s becoming increasingly crowded.

Amazon is planning to release a pair of wireless earbuds with its popular Alexa virtual assistant built in during the second half of this year, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The headphones would directly compete with AirPods, the cord-free earbuds Apple introduced in 2016 and refreshed in March. Users would be able to summon Alexa by saying the trigger word, just as they would when using an Echo or any other Alexa-supported device.

Amazon’s earbuds would also support gestures, such as tapping to switch music tracks or to end phone calls, report said, and would come in a case that’s capable of charging the earbuds, just like AirPods. They will not have built-in cellular activity, which means users will have to connect them to a smartphone. The project is being referred to as one of the “most important” initiatives in Amazon’s Lab126 division, according to Bloomberg.

Amazon’s Alexa has established itself as the leading smart home platform, claiming 61.1% of the smart-speaker market in the US, according to a report by and Voicify.

But Amazon has largely missed out on the mobile market after its failed Fire Phone, which it scrapped in 2015 after disappointing sales. A device such as Alexa-enabled earbuds could change that by giving existing Alexa users a more convenient way to access the virtual assistant outside the home.

Amazon makes Alexa available to iPhones and Android devices via a smartphone app, but the virtual assistant isn’t integrated into the operating systems like Apple’s and Google’s own digital helpers.

Amazon would be entering a crowded market, in which rivals such as Apple have already established a firm lead. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Apple accounted for 60% of the global market for truly wireless headphones, according to Counterpoint Research.

There are also more options available than ever before. For example, wireless earbuds made by companies such as Jabra can access Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant.

Apple also recently launched a new version of the AirPods that support hands-free Siri access and comes with an optional wireless-charging case. Its Beats brand also just launched a fresh pair of wireless Powerbeats Pro earbuds. Before that, Samsung released its own AirPods rival, the Galaxy Buds.

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