Amazon is going to expand in Europe by adding thousands more employees

Amazon is going to expand its operations in Europe, according to a report from The Financial Times.

The company is looking to add workers for all of its operations, including “fulfillment centres” — where items are organised and shipped — office, and research roles.

According to the report, Amazon is looking at adding more than 2,500 employees in the UK alone, bringing the total headcount to around 14,500. Jobs will become available in fulfillment centres, the head office in London, and various R&D labs.

Two of Amazon’s key products — Prime Air and Alexa, the personal assistant — are being researched in the UK, according to the report. The company operates 10 R&D centres throughout Europe.

Amazon has come under scrutiny for its tax practices in recent years, after multiple investigations revealed the company pays a very low level of tax on earnings in the UK, among other Europe countries. The boss of John Lewis, a UK high street retailer, claimed the practices were unfair.

Amazon says it has invested around €15 billion (£11 billion) in Europe since 2010 and £4.6 billion in the UK specifically.

Beyond e-commerce, Amazon is also engaged in a war with Microsoft over the highly lucrative software and services market. Amazon Web Services, the online storage and hosting operation, is competing against Microsoft’s Azure. Analysts estimate that the market in Europe is worth $11 billion (£7.7 billion).

Amazon has recently been breaking sales records in the UK. Black Friday, which occurred in late November, saw the company increase sales by 35% year-over-year to around 7.4 million items.

The company has also been boosting its logistics network, hiring out planes before Christmas and buying up a French delivery company.

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