Amazon is selling a $3,990 tiny-store kit that can be put together in 'mere hours'

AmazonAllwood’s retail kiosk.

Amazon doesn’t just sell tiny houses. It also sells tiny stores.

The retailer is selling a $US3,990 “retail kiosk” that can be assembled in “mere hours” and serve as a store, chicken coop, bar, or something else, according to the item’s Amazon listing, which was first spotted by House Beautiful.

The structure has three service windows and a “unique Scandinavian retail design,” according to Allwood, the manufacturer.

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It features 94 square feet of interior space and doesn’t require finishing inside, though Allwood recommends staining and sealing the outside wood to protect against weather.

The only tools needed for assembly are a hammer, a saw, a screwdriver, pliers, a drill, a ladder, a level, a box cutter, and measuring tape.

Allwood recommends using the help of a second person to make assembly faster and safer.

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