Amazon is selling a $7,250 tiny-home kit that can be put together in just 8 hours

AllwoodOutletAllwood’s ‘Solvalla’ studio-cabin model.
  • Amazon is selling a tiny-home kit that can be assembled in just eight hours.
  • The vendor, Allwood, said the structure isn’t supposed to serve as a permanent residence, since there’s no bathroom or kitchen.
  • Instead, the property could function as a yoga studio, pool house, or outdoor grilling area.
  • The product is part of a growing trend of making tiny homes cheaper and easier to assemble, but it’s geared toward a wealthier clientele.
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Tiny homes have emerged as a solution to skyrocketing rents in major cities, but lately they have also become a way for wealthy buyers to customise their properties.

Today’s most decadent tiny homes come outfitted with solar panels, convertible walls, mudrooms, and indoor swings. Others are sold as DIY kits that can be assembled in your backyard or on a rooftop.

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Amazon is even selling a $US7,250 kit for a tiny studio that can be assembled in just eight hours, provided there are two people on hand to put it together.

The studio’s vendor, Allwood, said the structure is intended for backyard use as an extension of a main kitchen, not a permanent residence. It could also function as a yoga studio or pool house. Amazon lists the model as an “ideal home office or guest house.”

The space is divided between a fully enclosed indoor area and an outdoor deck that’s suited for grilling. At 172 square feet, there’s not enough room for a restroom or kitchen, though Allwood makes other models that include these amenities.

Amazon tiny house 2Allwood OutletThe kit offers little else besides walls, windows, and a roof.

While tiny homes are often mobile, Allwood’s studio is meant to stay firmly rooted outdoors. It can also be taken apart and reassembled in new locations.

Though the studio is cheaper than the average tiny home, which typically has a price tag of about $US25,000, the kit offers little else beyond walls, windows, and a roof.

Those who want to transform it into a fully functioning home or guest house will need to install their own electricity and air conditioning, which could increase the cost by thousands of dollars. Buyers will also need to purchase shingles and a foundation, which cost an extra $US320, according to the company.

The studio’s wood panels are designed to hold up during everyday rain or snow, but the property is far from disaster-proof. Don’t expect it to hold up during a hurricane, the company said.

By far, the biggest advantage is how quickly the studio can be assembled. Most tiny homes take about three months to build instead of eight hours, depending on the size of the property.

After launching the model in 2018, Allwood said its goal was to sell 250 kits by the end of the year. Thus far, the studio has only two customer reviews on Amazon – one praising the price point and another considering it a rip-off.

If the model does take off, it could signal a future in which tiny homes – and even homes in general – are easier to purchase and build, assuming you don’t require one as a permanent residence.

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